How a Dentist Can Restore Damaged Teeth

Posted on: May 16, 2016

DentistAs a local dentist, we have multiple ways to restore damaged teeth. If your tooth has become cracked, chipped, the enamel has worn away, or it is sensitive, we can address this problem using several methods. We believe in providing patients with options and as such, here is what you need to know.

Dental Crowns
If your tooth is severely damaged, dental crowns are an ideal solution for restoring it because a crown surrounds the tooth entirely. By preventing anything from touching the natural tooth, you can bite down with force and eat all of your favorite foods without worrying about compromising the tooth or feeling discomfort. In the past, many people used this option but were displeased with how they looked because crowns were primarily made of silver amalgam. Now, we offer all-ceramic and ceramic-on-metal crowns so that people can have the restoration they need while maintaining the natural appearance of the tooth.  We can provide you with a new crown or replace your existing ones as needed.

Dental Veneers
This solution is available for addressing many of the same problems that a dental crown can solve but instead of surrounding the tooth completely, a veneer is placed on the surface of the tooth only. As a dentist, we will often recommend this solution if the damage is less severe. If there is no need for the tooth to be completely surrounded, a veneer can be beneficial because the tooth requires preparation in the front only, rather than on all sides. This makes the procedure less invasive overall.

Natural colored bonding material can be added to your tooth and shaped in the dental chair. This allows for chairside restorations where the tooth requires little to no preparation. This makes a bonding procedure advantageous for those that are too busy to consider getting dental crowns or veneers. While effective, one challenge with bonding is that over time stains may develop where the bonding material and natural tooth connect. Since both materials are on the tooth, some patients also notice that there becomes a color difference between the natural and synthetic material, causing a tooth to appear stained.

As a dentist, we can perform all of these restorations with relative ease and ensure that the tooth looks completely natural once done. This makes it possible for our patients to have teeth that look fantastic and are also incredibly durable. Since there are unique advantages to each solution, we recommend that you come in for a consultation if you are considering doing something to restore your teeth.  Whether they have become damaged or you simply don’t like their appearance, we can help you to love your smile again using one or a combination of these options. In fact, if you are having several teeth corrected, you don’t have to use one solution for all of them. You may benefit by having a dental crown restore a tooth that is overly sensitive due to a lack of enamel while having dental veneers placed next to it to close gaps in between your teeth. We can create a customized treatment plan for your exact needs.

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