Restorative Solutions Offered by Our Dentist Office

DentistThere are many restorative solutions that you should consider if you are having a damaged tooth repaired in our dentist office. Very often, people call our office concerned that they will need to have a tooth extracted because they have found it to be cracked or chipped. In fact, it is even common for portions of the enamel to come off due to a cavity or infection. The resulting tooth loss or damage can be concerning and it can also be painful. If you are in this situation and living with a damaged tooth, you should call our office immediately to schedule an examination. The faster you do so, the better your chances are of retaining your natural tooth and being able to have it restored rather than pulled and replaced.

Ultimately, as a dentist, we would prefer to place dental restorations because it is far better for your long-term health for you to maintain your natural teeth whenever possible. You should know that the longer you wait to seek help, the fewer options we will have for helping you to retain your natural teeth. This makes timing critical any time that you notice there is an issue. Some signs that you need an immediate tooth restoration are feeling with your tongue that your tooth is jagged and sharp, physically seeing a piece of your tooth come off, or having severe pain.

The type of dental restorations that we offer are varied and based upon the extent of the damage along with your goals. For example, if you have chipped a tooth there's more than one way to restore it. We may suggest a dental crown, as is common when much of the enamel is missing, or we may suggest something that is non-invasive like dental bonding from minor chips or for a short-term solution. To best determine which solution is right for you, we will need to thoroughly examine you and also are likely to take x-rays. This will give us the understanding we need to make a recommendation that is going to meet your needs today and also provide the best long-term durability.

You should know that regardless of the solution we recommend, we have the ability to keep you entirely comfortable during the restorative process. Using anesthesia to numb the area, we can ensure that you do not feel any discomfort and that your restoration is completed quickly and efficiently. We also will let you know what to expect by way of your recovery and typically you will begin to feel better within a day or so.

Your Health and Appearance are Important

As a dentist, we are equally concerned with the health of your teeth and gums as we are with the appearance of them. Fortunately, modern dental tools allow us to achieve fantastic results that benefit both your health and appearance. For example, you do not need to choose between whether or not your tooth is restored with a crown or if it looks great. Our modern dental restorations are tooth-colored and designed to blend in with the surroundings teeth, so regardless of which solution we recommend, you can have confidence that it will blend in and look as natural as possible.

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